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Home and Interior Design Ideas | April 19, 2014

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Recording Studio Desk Dimensions

FHD lovers, when making your home recording studio, we are sure that you don’t thought about the recording studio furniture in the first place. You thought about all the interfaces, the equipments, or the monitors as well as the microphones. You are curious where to arrange your acoustic treatment to create the recording studio room sound great, but not a lot of thinking is put into where to arrange all your gears. Lots of the time, your working area is merely an old desk which can suit most of your equipment. Why don’t you putting a little thinking into your [read more]

Some Work Samples

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Recording Studio Desk for Home Recording Studio

As part of the house studio project we required to get the perfect recording studio desk; and it’s not an easy job. Most of the desk you earn from the normal furniture sellers is more perfect to small offices as well as house office consumers also there was very little that gave enough area for both the equipment also room to actually do your job with it. One of the retailers you should check is the Tangelo Design which are actually a set builder, they create custom sets for several occasions, but they have broadened their portfolio to involve a [read more]

Home Recording Studio Furniture

The studio recording chair – This furniture is also plays important role in┬áHome Recording Studio Furniture. Without it, you can never work and finish your recording project. You will sit on it for hours in order to do your job, so it must be comfortable for you to sit on. [read more]

Vietnam Architecture: Lac Trung Office Design by Tony Owen

This building has been made to increase pure ventilation as well as air flow circulation. Some sort of glass emptiness base is located at every single finish of any bottom. That emptiness boasts a natural sky garden just about every next amount. That winter garden offers a take on life for the central consumers at every single finish. These types of places also provide propagated use rooms for each amount. These types of spaces comprise meeting rooms or even widespread places. These voids are usually encircled by glass to allow for pure ventilation for you to movement on the heavens [read more]