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Home and Interior Design Ideas | April 24, 2014

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Gorgeous Greatroom Ranch House Plan

Ranch houses are one-story homes that sprawl across the lot. The bedrooms may be split with the master suite on one side of the living area and the other bedrooms on the other side. The homes have an informal look to them rather than formal. Renovating a ranch home is a major undertaking if additional construction is required. One of the biggest complaints of many homeowners is that ranch-style houses can feel dark and claustrophobic. There are several ways you can remedy this problem. Switched out the front door, door knobs throughout, the light fixture and painted the hallway doors to [read more]

Some Work Samples

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Floor Plans for Ranch Homes

Floor Plans for Ranch Homes – Want to make a new house but a bit confused about what kind of house you want to build? You might want to try ranch. Ranch itself is a house building originally from United States. It is long, low-profile house that would make you feel near and feel intimate with the other people near your house area, and also minimal in interior and exterior decoration. It is a fuse between modern design and American western period that would make it an informal but yet casual living house also that will make you comfortable enough. [read more]

Ranch Homes Plans With Porches

Those Ranch Homes Plans With Porches usually have a common characteristic that make them easier to be recognized. Common characteristics of Ranch Homes Plans With Porches are, they are usually a one-story homes, the Ranch Homes Plans With Porches roof may be gabled or hipped with a very low pitch, they are also often cross-gabled, their detailing are often minimal but decorative shutters are common, Ranch Homes Plans With Porches are typically have moderate to wide eaves, they often have a large picture windows in living areas, Ranch Homes Plans With Porches are tend to be wide and rambling also, and last but not [read more]

Contemporary Ranch with Sparkling Interiors in Texas

The vegetation that surround this contemporary ranch is well fused with the contemporary idea that opted to the house. Effortless from the outside, in any case extensively charming on within, the Raven Lake Ranch is captivating in each and every way. By restoring examplary objective and adding an impression of contemporary to it, the inner part ends up being critically present day and by one means or another, more utilitarian. Nonpartisan tones populate the living and awing stun to top side windows let the light and nature “surge” the house. The roofs are a tad higher than what we are [read more]